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Experience console motion gaming without the need for Wii, Xbox or Playstation using devices you already own!

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This Edison Award winning technology converts raw data from your iOS devices' multiple built-in sensors like gyroscope, magnetometer & accelerometer into precise natural gestures.

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Turn your Apple TV* into a gaming console! No extra hardware!

Dance Party on Roku

* Also magically works with your Mac or PC using AirPlay Mirroring softwares. 

Enjoy together with family or party with friends!

Connect multiple iOS devices & dance together in real time multiplayer or if you have just one iOS device, dance together in turn by turn local multiplayer.

Track calories & add to your daily workout routine!

Dance Party can be incorporated into your daily workout routine. Dancing is surely so much more fun than the regular old treadmill!

Kids can play too. And learn!

Kids can also dance, without holding the actual device in hand (for safety of course). Don’t worry about the score then, just enjoy the moments.

Precise motion tracking with rolomotion™

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calories burnt worldwide in Dance Party!

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